Illuminated Signage and Lighting

Neon and cold cathode Lighting is a reliable tried and tested cost affective way to make your business or building stand out. It can be made into any shape or size and in an amazing variety of colours. Cold cathode being over 100years old and very energy efficient is perfect for interior and exterior use for architectural lighting and lighting of signage.

With Led's becoming ever popular for size ease of use and energy efficiency they are very good for lighting up letters. LED's Come in a few different varieties of colours from white, red, blue, green and amber, other colours can be made by using coloured acrylic or vinyl to filter the light. we only use the highest quality Led bulbs and transformers.

Light boxes can be illuminated with fluorescent tubes or led's and can have acrylic or vinyl fronts.

Edge lit signs are manufactured using a sheet of acrylic with engraved lettering. They are illuminated using fluorescent lamps or LED's encased in a water tight aluminium frame, as seen below.

Prince of wales Theatre Neon Lighting Brixton Academy Neon architectural lighting Clear Cold Cathode Lighting At The Curzon Millbank. Used so as when switched off is almost invisible.
Installation and maintenenaceof Neon signage at Screen on the Green Victoria palace theatre New Signage at the coronet theatre Elephant and castle. Ambassadors Theatre Neon Lighting
Dorchester Hotel Cold Cathode Cove lighting Dorchester Hotel Park Lane Cold Cathode Cove Lighting Private house Cold Cathode Illuminated Cove
Cold Cathode Lighting Around Bottom of Reception Desk Jamie Olivers 15 Cold Cathode Lighting Around Tile Mosaic Cold Cathode Lighting Around Top Of Bar
Cold cathode signage at Ed's Diner Soho ED's Diner Bluewater Halo Illuminated Sign With Digital Scrolling LED Display Halo illuminated lettering with neon waves
Travelex Sign Illuminated By Cold Cathode Herman Miller Illuminated Hanging Light Box LED illuminated sign for LFB
Led halo illuminated sign Skeleton Neon Illumintaed Sign With Digital LED Scrolling Board Edgelit Illuminated sign Cold Cathode Sign for Picturehouse cinemas
Led halo illuinated sign Specialist self illuminating poster pockets Specialist self illuminating poster pockets